Jim Slaton & Wife Nearly Killed

Uninsured driver hit them on their motorcycle!

Jim and his wife Brandi were nearly killed on their motorcycle in downtown Houston in July. A young uninsured motorist failed to give right of way and made a sudden last minute turn in front of them. The car gave them no time to slow down or avoid the impact. 

Jim and Brandi flipped over the front of the car and cart wheeled down the street onto the concrete. They were both wearing safety helmets but still received many injuries. Jim broke both feet which required surgery to place a metal titanium plate on the top of his left foot while Brandi broke her left femur and knee which required surgery to insert a metal titanium rod inside her femur bone. 

Texas laws prevent people in personal liability cases from losing their house, car & other property in a lawsuit. So if a motorist is uninsured and they do not have the cash on hand to pay any court ordered amount to the victims of an accident then the injured have little recourse. Basically, victims get a piece a paper to hang on their wall saying their are owed money by the victim. 

Jim & Brandi now have hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and no way to pay them. Brandi’s hospital bills alone cost over $100,000. The hospital bills are being negotiated down in price but there is much more they need help with. They are both out of work and are not able to take care of each other. The couple could file bankruptcy but that will not help them get the medical attention they need now or help them during their long rehabilitation process.

“Jim Slaton could be considered one of the founding fathers of high performance parachuting worldwide. His contributions to the sport of high performance parachute flight and specialized training is priceless. It's hard to put a number on the amount of lives that have likely been saved by Jim's contributions to the sport of parachuting. Jim and Brandi are family. Family that were involved in a tragic accident where they were hit by someone with no insurance while riding their motorcycle. Let’s help them so they can focus on healing,” says fundraiser creator Robert Cowan.

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Producer, DJ & Event Organizer

Jim Slaton is currently a music producer & DJ located in downtown Houston. Jim is a producer of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), professional club DJ and event organizer since 2001. Jim is available to DJ at your club, rave, concert, celebration and private party. Jim has played & organized events all over the World from America's largest night club 'Club La Vela' & 'Spinnakers' in Panama City Beach, Florida to Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Jim plays progressive house & other types of dance music. 

Jim is a US National Champion of Skydiving with over 10,000 parachute jumps and has been parachuting for more than 20 years. He has won three Film Festival awards as a film producer of Extreme Sports documentaries covering the adventures of his skydiving team known as "Team Extreme". Jim learned to parachute as an Airborne Ranger (SGT) in the United States Army Special Operations Command (SOCOM) assigned to the 1st Ranger Battalion. 

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